Boating is a way of life in Miami. Do you know South Florida has the highest number of registered vessels?  There were around 950,740 registered vessels in 2018 and an estimated million more un-registered vessels that sail in the Florida waters.  The boating population is ever increasing.

Unfortunately, the number of accidents has also increased, leading to severe injuries and deaths. So, what should you do after a yacht accident? Hiring a Miami Boating Accident Attorney is obviously the first step. Others are discussed below.

Give First Aid

Florida law 327.30 mentions the driver of the yacht involved in the accident needs to give first aid to the injured. The yacht operator must minimize the danger to anyone’s life after an accident.

It may mean calling emergency services and delivering first aid until they arrive. The yacht operator needs to do everything to help others involved in a yacht accident.

Provide Information About Involved Parties

As per the US Coast Guard’s stats, Miami witnessed one of the most severe boating accidents in the US. There were around 684 boating accidents in Florida water in 2016, which were 302 numbers higher than the next state California.

The Florida 327.30(1) law requires you to provide information about the injured people in the yacht accident. Some of the details you need to provide are the identification of the vessel, name, and address of the wounded. 

If you are a victim of a boating accident in Miami, you are eligible for monetary compensation for injuries under Florida law. The monetary compensation can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and future medical care.  You need to approach Miami Boating Accident Attorney for filing a boating accident personal injury lawsuit.

The attorneys have in-depth knowledge of local Florida laws and maritime laws related to boating accidents.

Inform Law Enforcement Agencies

The yacht operator must inform law enforcement agencies about the accident. The boat operator can inform the local police or the sheriff about the accident.

The Florida law327.30(2) makes it mandatory for the boat operator to report in two distinct circumstances.  You need to report to law enforcement agencies if people have suffered grave injuries with a higher risk of death.

If you are not at fault in the boating accident, you need to also call the boating accident attorney in Miami to investigate and negotiate for compensation on your behalf.

Ensure the Accident Report Is Filed

When you call the law enforcement agencies, they will appear on the scene. The police staff would investigate, prepare a report, and file it. In some cases, they might not file a report. The boat operator must ensure the report is filed.

According to the Florida law 327.301, the yacht operator must file a report and keep a copy of the report for a record.

Inform the Insurance Company

After you are done helping the injured and getting a report filed, you need to call the insurance company.  This is important if you expect the insurance company to pay fair compensation if you are injured in the yacht accident.

Many people who buy yachts fail to understand the importance of proper training to use it.  Yacht owners have a duty towards the safety of their crew and others. By following the right steps after a yacht accident, you can minimize life loss and prevent disabilities.

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