Legally, What Are Advocates, Lawyers, Legal Counselors and Legal Consultants?

In principle, the duty of an Advocate / Legal Counsel is to provide advice or defense in a broad sense, the main duty of an Advocate is to provide services to Clients / Recipients of Legal Services. In civil litigation, although one of the principles says in civil cases it does not have to be represented in court, but efforts to utilize legal aid rights for people who are blind to the law are usually very much needed legal services carried out by legal counsel / advocates.

In the Civil Court Advocate / Lawyer domiciled as his client or legal representative representing himself at the trial in the Court, as a legal basis for Advocates in the Civil Court. In providing legal services, a lawyer is required to have a management concept in managing his law office. Therefore, a lawyer in running a law business, a lawyer is protected in …

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About Lawyer Services

Lawyers are people who work in providing legal services , both inside and outside the court, who meet the requirements based on the provisions of the Advocate Law.

The Definition of Lawyers Services is services provided by Lawyers in the form of providing legal consultation, legal assistance, exercising power, representing, assisting, defending, carrying out other legal actions for the benefit of the client. Attorneys’ services must be carried out according to the Indonesian Advocate’s Code of Ethics.

Lawyers services are different from other legal services, such as Notary Services and Intellectual Property Rights Consultants in determining prices that already have a standard benchmark or size that can be used for prices in accordance with the Act. While the Lawyer Fee (Lawyer Fee) standard obtained by a lawyer from his client is not regulated in the Advocate Law. The Advocate Law only regulates the following matters:

  • Attorney Service fees must be
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Law Firm and United States of American Legal Services Market

Just read the brief report issued by the world’s largest consulting company about the impact of Covid-19 on the performance of law firms in the United States (US). Interesting. The report basically illustrates that the current conditions are different from the financial crises in 2008 and 2009, which tend to only hit law firms dealing with financial transactions.

Covid-19 this time made almost all sectors experience a decrease in performance. Inevitably has a significant impact on the performance of law firms. Interestingly, the report explains that the litigation (dispute) sector is less affected, because it seems that the market is not directly related to the economic situation or financial markets.

Then the market litigation (commercial disputes) is predicted to remain stable or even experience an increase. Its niche market is in the potential for disputes between shareholders, suppliers, labor conflicts, and related to force majeure.

The situation is slightly disadvantaged indeed predicted to occur in …

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