Long Beach, located within the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, is a beach city famous for many attractions. It is a hotspot for recreational activities, especially along the beach. Biking is one such activity, with many casually rolling along the coast and on adjacent streets. It is also gaining popularity as one of the main types of personal transportation.

Despite having bike-friendly laws, infrastructure (over 130 miles of bike lanes and shared-use paths), and action plans to increase bike usage, bicycle accidents happen. Under such circumstances, a Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney will be of great help.

Reasons to Contact Your Injury Lawyer Immediately

Riding a bicycle in a city does leave one comparatively more vulnerable to serious injuries than a car. A bicycle accident is not to be ignored, and medical help must be sought first, and then that of a Long Beach Personal Injury Attorneys, for many reasons.

Insurance Downgrade Prevention

Your insurance company will look to pay as little as possible for the costs arising from your injuries. Without a proper assessment of your personal condition, you will be at a disadvantage if you go with what your insurer says.

On the other hand, a personal injury lawyer will investigate the matter on their own to gather information about it and gain any information the police may provide to get the complete picture of your situation. This will prevent the insurer from taking advantage of you, especially since bike injuries can leave you with brain injury, making you unaware.

Protection Against The Other Party

The person causing the accident will most likely use every means possible to avoid having to compensate you. This will include suing you for it and making it appear as if you were at fault.

Personal injury lawyers are familiar with such tactics and will gather evidence on your behalf to prevent that from happening. It is especially required if the other person has significant influence and connections, helping them get away with it. Your lawyer can negotiate compensation from the other party’s insurance provider too.

Quick Claim Filing

Statute of limitations in Long Beach means there is a deadline to file compensation claims regarding your bicycle incident. The time allotted is two years from the date of injury. In the case of the late discovery of injuries, it’s one year from the date of discovery.

The claim must be robust and exhaustive to guarantee success in court. A personal injury lawyer can act fast if contacted immediately and gather all relevant information and evidence on your behalf to solidify your case. Witnesses can forget if not approached directly, making your case weak.

Reducing Comparative Negligence

California is a comparative negligence state, meaning your share of compensation received will depend on your share of fault in the accident. The more your role the other party can prove in causing the accident, the less you will gain.

With the state being a pure comparative one, meaning you get compensated even if you’re 99{25bc63f7cf10f9644104e25d70d09b74b01987c0193e250f6712c17d62652233} at fault, a personal injury lawyer will be needed to identify key markers that will get you your fair share.

A Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney is a must-have when you’ve had a bicycle accident. They will help you to pick yourself up and continue your ride of life again.