If you’ve ever been to court, you know that there are cases that hinge on the testimony of an expert witness. These are people who are not personally affiliated with anyone involved in the case but are paid to render opinions based on their experience and skills. These witnesses can make or break a case for either side, depending on their credibility, presentation skills and report. Here are a few of the instances where an expert witness may help your situation.

Accountant – Divorce

In a divorce proceeding, money is often one of the most disputed topics involved. With parties bickering and refusing to compromise, the judge might order the case to trial. At trial, if you want to prove that your former spouse is not on the up-and-up, an accountant, specifically a forensic accountant offering expert witness testimony may come up big for your side. Say, for instance, you were trying to determine that your ex stole money out of your various accounts and hid it. A forensic accountant would do the research and render an opinion on where the money is and how it got there.

Environmental Engineer – Home Construction

You purchased the perfect lot for your dream home, but when the county doesn’t issue permits due to new-found ecological factors, you may be in court before you know it. In situations like this, it would benefit you to have an environmental engineer evaluate the situation and write a report on why the house should or should not be permitted and constructed.

Chemist – Pharmaceutical Drug Liability

A medicine you took for years was recalled due to dangerous compounds. You decide to file a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company who produces it because of the effects it had on you. A chemist would be a great addition to your legal team. He or she would do the legwork and come up with why the compounds in the drugs were dangerous and how they affected you.

Adding expert witness testimony to legal proceedings may help you in your quest for justice.