Some drugs are seasonal, and some are abused consistently by addicts. Cocaine, meth, and marijuana are the most abused substances in Houston.  About 3672 alcohol and drug-related deaths happened in Harris County in 2018-19.  In recent years, drug arrests have also increased with more drug traffickers and abusers roaming the streets.

Did you know that you are liable to be punished for possession of even drug paraphernalia? The definition includes equipment, any material or product used for planting, cultivating and growing, or injecting, inhaling drugs, etc.

The Texas Controlled Substances Act governs the possession of controlled substances (read drugs) in Houston, Texas. A practicing Houston Drug Crimes Attorney will tell you that the act brings under its purview all illegal narcotics.

Here are some common drug crimes in Houston:

Possession of Dangerous Drugs

While only some prescription drugs come under the Texas Controlled Substances Act, all illegal drugs are listed under this act. Although a few prescription drugs come under the strict purview of authorities in the Texas law department, they are not considered controlled substances. However, these drugs are known as “dangerous drugs,” the possession of which without a valid prescription makes you liable to criminal charges.

Even a drug or device that is not safe for self-medication is considered a dangerous substance under Texas law. If you possess such a dangerous drug, you are liable for misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the volume in your possession. If you hold 29 grams or more, it is a felony; a lesser quantity invites misdemeanor charges.

Possession with Intent to Produce

The penalties for manufacture and distribution are stiffer than those for possession of controlled substances.  If a prosecutor suspects you of possessing such substances with the intent of manufacturing or distributing, you are liable for stringent penalties. Ask a Houston Drug Crimes Attorney, and she or he will tell you that only a jury can decide whether you have the intent to manufacture or not.

The onus will be on you if:

Possession with intent to manufacture is a severe crime and can attract lifetime imprisonment or hefty fines (up to $250,000)

Distributing Controlled Substances

There may be cases where the individual doesn’t indulge in drug abuse but is actively distributing controlled substances. Even acting as a courier and delivering a controlled substance to any person is considered a Houston drug crime. Even transferring drug paraphernalia is considered a drug crime. Soliciting with intent to offer to sell a controlled substance makes you liable.

What Can You Expect from an Attorney?

You’ve probably come across too many ads relating to drug crimes attorneys. While all of them claim to offer expert services, what’s important is to learn whether they are Board Certified drug crimes attorneys. Getting a board certification is not easy, and only the best succeed.

Summing it Up

Drug abuse and drug crimes are rampant in Houston, no wonder that the city is classified as a High-Density Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). Houston is a hub for drug production and distribution. Adults aged 18 or older (189,000) in the Houston-Sugar Land- Baytown areas experienced mental depression due to drug abuse. While keeping away is the best way to stay out of trouble, unfortunate instances cannot be ruled out. In such circumstances, you should get in touch with your attorney immediately.

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