A moving hazard

Heavy trucks ply the roads every day. They can be inconvenient, excessively loaded, and a general road hazard but, we have to share the road with them. When big rigs get into accidents, they are more devastating than personal cars due to their size and volatility. Even without carrying anything, some of the commercial trucks on the road weigh twenty times as much as personal vehicles. These big trucks can sometimes carry as much as sixty thousand pounds of freight. That makes them more dangerous in collisions. They can cause serious injuries, do damage and even kill.

Having said that, statistics show that truck drivers are more careful on the road than car drivers. They are acutely aware of the nature of the machines they drive. It still does not negate the fact that these trucks are dangerous. The freight they carry makes them even more dangerous in a truck accident. Sometimes they even carry dangerous materials such as gasoline and hazardous industrial waste. These materials can make a truck accident even deadlier.

What to do immediately after a truck accident

Seek medical help – Truck accidents can be dangerous, and the first thing you should be worried about is your safety and well-being. Call emergency medical services whether you have a physical injury or not. You will be surprised how much adrenaline can make you feel okay while carrying an injury. Get in contact with medical services and get examined immediately.

Report the crash to authorities – If you are in a truck accident or any other accident, please do not leave the scene. Call the police and wait for them to come. They will make a report and do a little investigation into what happened. Be as cooperative as possible but do not admit guilt or fault. Fill out the police reports and be truthful. They will also tell you the next step to take. Get a copy of the police report.

Get information, gather evidence – If you can, get as much information from the accident scene as possible. Take photos of your car and that of the truck involved. Take pictures of your car, broken glasses, damaged street property, and any other thing you can find. It will serve as evidence for your case for claims. Get the name and details of the truck driver and find out if they are on duty for a company. You will find it hard to get all this evidence if you leave the accident scene immediately after.

A truck accident lawyer?

Consider hiring a truck accident attorney as they can help with all the struggles you will be facing. All the stress of gathering evidence and documentation can be handled by an experienced truck accident lawyer. They can even find and keep additional evidence that you won’t be able to get your hands on.

If you are dealing with injuries from your accident, you should not have to worry about procedures like gathering evidence and filing a case for claims. Delegate that to a lawyer while you recuperate from your injuries. They can help you negotiate a fair settlement and represent you in court if matters ever get that far.


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