If you or a loved one has been arrested and assigned a bail amount, you are likely weighing your payment options. If you are having trouble deciding which route to take, here are three benefits of procuring a bail bond to help you make your decision.

Bail Bonds Save You Money

Bail bonds West Chester PA are much less expensive than paying the total bail amount. Typically, a bail bondsman requires 10% of the bail amount, though this can vary by state. Bail bonds make it much easier for you to spend your time awaiting your trial in the comfort of your home instead of in a jail cell.

Bonds Offer Convenient Payment Options

When paying for your bond, you may be given payment options to select from. Cash, checks, and credit cards are the most common forms of payment, and many bondsmen will allow you to pay in installments. The court, however, requires that the bail be paid in full before the release of your loved one, so paying for a bail bond is much more convenient (and inexpensive) than having to pay at a courthouse.

Bondsmen Can Advise You

If you select a bondsman who has tenure and experience in the field, your bail bond may also come with a bit of helpful advice. Your bondsman wants to ensure that your case goes smoothly since he is at risk when vouching for you, so he will likely be willing to answer questions you may have and guide you through the process to the best of his abilities. 

There are myriad benefits to getting a bail bond to get someone out of jail quickly. If you need to pay bail for yourself or for someone else, consider getting in touch with a local bail bondsman who can make the process as smooth as possible.