Insurance companies and employers alike are often skeptical of an injury on the job, at least one that leads to filing a claim of workers’ compensation. The following are just three of the reasons that your claim may be denied or is being delayed because the insurance company wants to investigate.

Your injury happened on a Monday
If your unfortunate injury occurred on a Monday, there is a good chance that it will be greeted with skepticism. This is because there are people who will get hurt on the weekend, and then claim that it happened on the job. As you likely know, to receive workers’ compensation, the injury must have occurred at work. The best way to approach this problem is to make sure that you note the names of other workers who witnessed the incident or who were close by. Report the injury immediately to your supervisor and see a doctor right away.

There is no visible injury
No one will question a broken bone or an injury that causes bleeding. This is obvious, but the problem arises when you have muscle strains or back issues that prevent you from working. These injuries are not always seen on an x-ray. In this type of situation, you will need documentation from a doctor and will likely need an iowa workers comp attorney to handle your case.

False rumors and complaints
This is something that may occur after your claim is approved. You are trying to recover from your injury and someone you work with gets jealous. They think your injury wasn’t that bad, and they don’t like the idea of you sitting at home collecting a check while they are working hard on the job. Sometimes a false rumor can be started that you were seen doing a physical activity that you shouldn’t be able to do with your injury. This can lead to surveillance by an insurance company. This is why it is best to always follow your doctor’s advice.

Any time you have a question or run into a problem with a workers’ compensation claim, you should contact an attorney for assistance.