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Regularly updated with at-home activities, AGH Magazine articles, and behind-the-scenes videos, this platform brings the art gallery experience straight to your fingertips. Art drives the development of a civilisation, each supporting the institution and in addition stopping subversive messages from being silenced – art leads, mirrors and divulges change in politics and morality. Art performs a central part in the creation of culture, and is an outpouring of thought and ideas from it, and so it can’t be totally understood in isolation from its context. Paradoxically, nevertheless, art can communicate beyond language and time, appealing to our frequent humanity and linking disparate communities. Perhaps if wider audiences engaged with a higher variety of the world’s artistic traditions it could engender elevated tolerance and mutual respect.

The free event open to the general public will function Latin folks art distributors and artisans showcasing art, jewellery, clothes, handcrafted ornaments and more; plus …

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