Downtown Chicago’s #1 Museum

Each cedar sculpture is distinct with barren, bark-covered branches bursting from their seats or tabletops, making a snarled explosion of limbs and twigs that’s impossible to permeate. At the moment, Nishikawa is involved in a number of tasks, together with a show at Main Window Dumbo opening in March and an set up at The Brooklyn Home Company this spring. In addition to her paper items, she additionally creates ceramic works, which will be on view at Friends Artspace in Washington, D.C., via summer time.

Often, installation art includes the creation of an enveloping aesthetic or sensory experience in a particular surroundings, typically inviting lively engagement or immersion by the spectator. Founded in 1948 in Paris, CoBrA was a short-lived but ground-breaking post-war group gathering worldwide artists who advocated spontaneity as a means to create a model new society. The name ‘CoBrA’ is an acronym for the home cities of …

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