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2017 Trends in App Development

Smartphones are now a big part of our lives since over a decade ago. Even cheaper phones are now having smartphone features, from inbuilt cameras to extensive storage to touch screens and the rest.

If you’re thinking what’s up in the app market this coming year, he’s a peek into how we’re currently doing:

Apps for Small Businesses

Large brands are developiong smartphone apps for tons of reasons. For example, fastfood deliveries use apps for more efficient ordering. Smaller businesses are also looking for ways to improve their vital processes with the use of apps, like those that manage customer loyalty programs.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a lot like virtual reality except for one key difference: it combines virtual and real worlds instead of being purely digital.

One example of augmented reality is Google Glass, which works with a smartphone performing GPS functions, with directions can be overlaid in the real world. While the technology’s cost stays high, companies are developing apps that let users display what’s in front of them on their phone screens using their phone’s cameras, and this will be augmented on the phone displays. The most famous example of augmented reality is Pok?mon Go, a game introduced last year.

App Development Apps

There are several smartphone and tablet app that teach people how to develop an app. With some apps, there’s a simulator that lets the device emulate suitable responses to commands using a variety of coding langauges. More complicated apps may be used in creating other apps, a huge trend that is expected to change current developers’ approach to the craft. Some websites, such as the ADB portal, let you design an app using no more than your web browser. Good thing sites like the ADP portal usually only require basic computer knowledge.

Cloud-based Apps

As mobile data becomes cheaper than ever, it has also become a lot easier to set up cloud services that handle an app’s more complex tasks before sending results back to the user’s phone. Mobile users now rely largely on the cloud for their data storage, backup and retrieval needs. Of course, it’s easy to see how cloud-based apps run parallel to those app-teaching websites, like the ADP portal.

It is expected that towards the end of 2017, the international app market will have made about $77 billion. With such attractive figures, it’s not surprising that more and more people are interested in designing and coding apps for their own use or as a business. Big companies for their part are exploring fresh and creative ways to develop and use apps to improve their operations.

If you’ve been drawn to this whole app development scene but have not even a hint how to begin, try one of those websites that teach app creation, like ADP portal. Because these sites typically provide very easy-to-understand instructions, their popularity has soared in recent times. The ADP portal, in particular, appears to be a favorite.

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