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How to limit your chances of getting to the bunker

If you are interested in any competition, it is important to ensure you master all the tricks very well to avoid penalties. Sparing some time to practice in the field is the only way to make sure you avoid getting to the bunker more often than not. Tips that are shared in this article are important if you have to improve your game. Do not start the bunker shots before you fully understand what it entails. When it comes to playing with the sand under the ball; there should be a careful calculation of the strategy to be used otherwise it is not easy. You have to know the type of sand and the best strategy that will give you the results that you want. You will have made a wise move by investing in the decent clubs. That is the best way to ensure you improve your bunker.

Another important aspect is making sure you get your stance right. When you are working in the proper position; your swings will be much more improved. You will be sure to have a better give of the ball with more power and precision. With constant improvement of your stance, it makes sure that your swings do not suffer. If you are to improve on your bunker tactics, you need to make sure you use variety of stand it is important to have your stance where your swing is going to hit. Make sure you practice your stance in varied bunkers. You can use that to predict where your swing arc is going to land.

More emphasis should be on the left side. You should be sure the hand that you use mostly. By not pushing the ball so hard, you are likely to be more accurate. You need to understand that power is not the only determining factor. In the game you need more of technique than the power that you use. You should take more time to improve on your stance more than power as that will give you more accuracy. You also need to determine the type of sand. How you play will depend on the kind of sand that is used.

You should know the type of clubs available. When you are in the bunker, you will gain from different sections of wedges. You must understand the bunker well before you can benefit from all the states strategies. When you understand your game well, it does not only become interested, but you will also make sure you are winning. You cannot enjoy your game if you are not improving on the scores that you are making. Applying the right approach makes you win more other than using too much power.

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