We use cookies to provde the best expertise on this website. Demonstrates data of secondary actual property statutes and related laws and case law (e.g., Beds of Navigable Waters Act; Constructing Code Act, 1992; Business Corporations Act; Canada Business Firms Act; Cemeteries Act (Revised); Conservation Authorities Act; Felony Code, Part 347; Environmental Protection Act; Further-Provincial Corporations Act; Fraudulent Conveyances Act; Indian Act; Curiosity Act; Line Fences Act; Municipal Act, 2001; Ontario Water Sources Act; Energy Company Act; Public Utilities Act; Spiritual Organizations’ Lands Act; Statute of Frauds; Surveys Act; Technical Requirements and Security Act, 2000).

Having a regulatory record shouldn’t be, in itself, proof that a solicitor was dishonest or committed misconduct , as a result of some regulatory decisions are taken as a precautionary protective measure, because of monetary difficulties , or on account of misunderstanding the complicated guidelines that solicitors have to comply with.

Demonstrates data of substantive real property regulation together with the next main statutes and related rules and case regulation: e. Estates Administration Act. Demonstrates knowledge of substantive real estate law including the next primary statutes and associated rules and case regulation: t. Residential Tenancies Act, 2006.

In addition to heading off salesmen when desired, these indicators are also used to assist deter proselytizing by spiritual teams similar to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses who have a historical past of door-to-door canvassing within the U.S., looking for new converts to their respective faiths.

17 18 With the chancery or equity courts disappearing or being subsumed below courts of regulation, solicitors grew to become obsolete by the late 19th century. In various states, the title “solicitor” is still used by city, city, and county attorneys.

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