Seeking Help After Amusement Accidents

In the unfortunate event that you’re injured at an amusement park, you do have options available. Sometimes, the park might try to work with you to give you some kind of settlement that is much lower than what you might receive if you worked with an attorney. When this happens, you usually have to sign some kind of release stating that you won’t sue the park for the accident. On the other hand, the park might deny that the accident was its fault, which means that you would have to seek the assistance of an attorney in order to get any kind of compensation. The best thing that you can do is to talk to an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases along with a ride expert witness. This is a person who can examine the ride and the nature of the accident to determine what could have happened. If someone saw the accident, then your attorney can contact this person to get more information about what was seen at the park.

Your attorney can explain what could happen regarding the amusement park and talk to you about your injuries. Take any documents from doctors or hospitals to your attorney so that there is proof of the accident and your injuries instead of using only your spoken statement. Make sure you follow all of the instructions given by your doctor, especially if long-term treatment is expected. Your attorney can begin calculating the settlement amount to ask for, but keep in mind that you likely won’t receive this amount. The best thing to do would be to negotiate with the amusement park and the insurance company to get a settlement that is fair. Your attorney can examine the nature of the accident and whether the park truly is at fault or if the company responsible for the ride is at fault.

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