In principle, the duty of an Advocate / Legal Counsel is to provide advice or defense in a broad sense, the main duty of an Advocate is to provide services to Clients / Recipients of Legal Services. In civil litigation, although one of the principles says in civil cases it does not have to be represented in court, but efforts to utilize legal aid rights for people who are blind to the law are usually very much needed legal services carried out by legal counsel / advocates.

In the Civil Court Advocate / Lawyer domiciled as his client or legal representative representing himself at the trial in the Court, as a legal basis for Advocates in the Civil Court. In providing legal services, a lawyer is required to have a management concept in managing his law office. Therefore, a lawyer in running a law business, a lawyer is protected in carrying out his duties and responsibilities in defending the interests of his clients is limited by the Code of Ethics and the Advocate Law. A lawyer, an advocate represents the client in resolving a legal case both inside and outside the court. In Indonesia, a lawyer or Advocate must have a Bachelor of Laws education and attend Special Education.

The differences between the Advocates, Lawyers and Legal Counsels are as follows:

  • Advocate in his personal perspective, he represents the interests of the community (clients) to defend their legal rights. However, in defending these legal rights, advocates’ way of thinking must be objectively assessed based on their expertise and professional code of ethics. For this reason, in the code of ethics determined among other things, lawyers may refuse to handle cases.

which according to his expertise has no legal basis, and advocates are prohibited from providing misleading information and promising victory to clients. Before the enactment of Law No. 18 of 2003 concerning Advocates, the notion of an advocate is someone who has a profession to provide legal services to people in court or someone who has a license to practice law in courts in all regions of the United States. Whereas what is meant by an ordinary lawyer is someone who has a profession to provide legal services in a court of law in the area of ​​the territory in accordance with his practice law practice permit. Therefore, if the lawyer will proceed outside the scope of the area of ​​his practice license, he must first ask permission to the court where he will proceed.