Getting caught driving drunk is a terrible experience. Not only you face punishment in the form of money, but you’re also facing jail time. Getting into an accident while you’re drunk is a serious crime in the state of Michigan. Try not to drink while operating a motorized vehicle.

However, if you do, and you get caught, you need all the help that you can afford. At the state of Michigan, there are hundreds of lawyers. Many of them are specialized and experienced in leading DUI cases.

What are DUI and DWI?

These words are shortened from Driving Under Influence or Driving While Intoxicated. They both stand for the same criminal act – operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most of the cases are alcohol oriented because people indulge in drinking more often than in taking illicit drugs.

When it comes to alcohol, you should know that the limit in Michigan is .08 BAC. This means that you can drink enough beer to feel relaxed and still be able to drive legally. But, if you cross this line and the apparatus show that you’ve had more, then you’re facing a charge.

How much .08 BAC is actually?

Basically, two drinks are a safe limit. When you start the third one, you’re getting into the danger zone. Of course, many factors influence this, like your body weight, food in your system, etc. See this interesting article to learn more about it.

You should also know that .08 is not a small amount of alcohol in your blood. A lot of people will feel completely drunk with this quantity, but, it’s still legal if you’re under it. Also, different states have different limits, and .08 is one of the highest. Some countries in the world have as low limits as .02 and some religious-oriented countries have even zero tolerance.

What to do if you get stopped by the cops?

If you get stopped for a routine control or you get yourself into an accident while being drunk, you need to call your lawyer right away. It’s best if you have an agreement before anything happens and you can call them at any time of the day or night. Having a legal representative at the site is a blessing. However, you can’t take your attorney with you anytime you go out drinking, right?

That’s why you should ask for some useful advice in case a situation like this happens. You’ll see that your attorney will tell you it’s best to keep quiet and do only what you have to do – like hand over the documents asked, and nothing more. When the lawyer arrives at the scene, he or she will take over.

How to pick the best one?

Michigans DUI lawyers are great because this is a state where people seem to love going out drinking and getting back home without having a designated driver. Every year, around 30.000 cases of DUI are registered. Most of the people in these cases ask for a professional attorney to defend them.

Look for experience

The most valuable soldier in the army is the veteran. Why? Because they’ve seen it all and fear nothing. In the world of legal practice, veteran lawyers have seen almost everything and had to deal with all kinds of situations. There’s nothing they can’t fix.

That’s why experience is one of the most important issues you need to look at. Choosing a young attorney can be great, but at the same time, it might get you in a situation where they won’t be able to find a solution and you’ll end up in jail.

Check out their track record

Every case they had is chance to make their record a little better or ruin it even more. The track record is like keeping score of how good they are. Like an NBA season, the team with the most wins vs loses is the best and will probably win the title.

You don’t want to hire a person with a losing streak right? You need the winner because your life depends on this. An attorney with a lot more wins than losses is the one you should be looking for because this is the one that will most probably get you the best deal possible, keep you out of jail, and make sure the fine you receive is the lowest possible.

Look for reviews

Just like you can find the lawyer’s track record on the internet, the same way you can find reviews from previous clients they did business with. There are more web pages online offering commenting and reviewing the work of the legal representatives.

This gives everyone a chance to find a great person to work with. Unlike before when the word of mouth from friends and colleagues was enough to believe in someone, today, you can see everyone’s experience with them before you.

Find a local

This kind of violation of rules asks for a local attorney. Don’t look for the best one in the country and make them fly over from the other coast. Why would you do that? It will cost you a lot of money and you actually won’t do anything good for you.

The local guys will do a much better job for you. They deal with these situations daily and they already know the judges, the police officers, and know how everyone reacts. You need a person who’ll get you out and not someone who’ll show how good he or she is and will annoy everyone around you.

Don’t get the cheapest nor the most expensive one

Last but not least, the price. The one that seems the most affordable and offers you a price way below the usual is certainly hiding something. These guys usually charge a little at the beginning but they add to the sum special job description that will make the final sum incredible. Choose the one that has great qualities and is around the standard charging sum.


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