Whether you have landed a gig at a stand-alone bar or you’re serving drinks at a restaurant with an alcohol license Dallas TX, achieving success as a bartender requires both drink making and customer service skills. Read on for tips that will benefit both new and seasoned bartenders.

Demonstrate a Positive Attitude

There is a reason why “service with a smile” has become such a familiar expression: bartenders, like most others who work in customer service-oriented positions, can make a huge difference in each customer’s experience by having a friendly and cheerful demeanor while on the job. Small gestures, such as saying “hello” to customers when they arrive and thanking them when they leave, make a big difference.

Cleanliness is Key

By keeping the bar clean over the course of your shift, you will demonstrate your commitment to each patron’s overall experience as well as their health. Plus, building constant tidying of small messes into your routine will make closing time go much more quickly. Some ways to keep your bar clean include wiping any spills as soon as you see them, throwing away garbage (such as straw wrappers and used cocktail napkins) immediately, and replacing lemons, limes and other garnishes when they start to run low.

Keep an Eye on Your Customers

In addition to providing an enjoyable experience for your customers, you have a legal obligation to keep them safe. Don’t hesitate to ask customers for ID before serving alcohol to ensure that they are of legal drinking age, and be careful not to continue serving drinks to anyone who appears to be overly intoxicated. Don’t take this responsibility lightly: in some circumstances, cutting off a patron could save someone’s life.

Bartending is a fun job which comes with its share of obligations and responsibilities. Take your work seriously while maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere, and have fun!


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