One of the biggest challenges faced by law firms is performing client intake throughout the day, even after the workday is over. Client intake is essential for law firms since it is how they recruit new clients and screen undesirable cases. It is also one of the most important steps in building a strong rapport with potential new clients, allowing a firm to maintain a consistent flow of clients through increased lead conversion.

Over the past decade, call centers have become increasingly integral to the functioning of law firms. These centers provide a wide range of services to law firms besides client intake, some of which include appointment scheduling, virtual reception, etc. There are several ways in which call centers can provide with additional assistance with intake for law firms.

Increased Opportunities

Call centers allow law firms the benefit of increased client intake opportunities. While a firm that relies on a small office-based reception team to handle client communication might miss out on hiring new clients if they cease their operations after work hours, the same is not true for call centers. Most function 24/7, providing round-the-clock client answering services. A firm is more likely to increase its client intake numbers if it receives all incoming client communication as opposed to a firm that does not.

Screening Potential Cases

Since a call center is the initial point of contact between a client and a law firm, it can help in screening potential cases according to the preferences outlined by the firm. Personalized client intake services provided by these types of businesses allow law firms to screen out undesirable cases or case subtypes that might give rise to any unwanted conflict down the road. It is a useful strategy to connect with clients who present legal problems that can be expertly dealt with by a firm instead of settling for or rejecting all incoming cases.

Lead Conversion

Call centers expertly handle client communication by using customized scripts that obtain the client information that might be needed for the law firm to start the formal client induction process. Additionally, they can also increase lead conversion by delivering an online contract as soon as the call disconnects, allowing the law firm to sign a client even before an initial meeting has taken place. It also ultimately results in a higher client retention rate and better standing in the legal field.

Reduced Costs

Hiring an office-based team for client communication can be expensive since it requires significant resources to train the staff properly. A call center, on the other hand, allows you to reduce costs by providing an affordable alternative for client intake services. Most handle client communication at an affordable rate and do not require additional resources for training.


Call centers are becoming increasingly essential to the way law firms function today. While a firm might not be able to take calls throughout the day and miss potential new clients because of it, they eliminate this problem by providing specialized client intake services. They help law firms in increasing opportunities, screening potential cases, and increasing lead conversion through efficient client communication.


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