Using the services of a bail bond company is not difficult, but might seem confusing if you have never dealt with having to bail someone out of jail. It can save a lot of money and time to seek this professional service when needed.

How hard is it to bail someone out of jail?

Bailing someone out of jail is difficult and expensive if you have never done it before or are trying to put up the required financial amount on your own. Once the arrested individual has gone in front of the judge and a bail amount has been set, you can begin looking for a trusted bail bond service to help.

Why should I use a bail bond service?

The difference in choosing to use a quality bail bond service like Big Johnson Bail Bonds is the personal financial risk involved. Bonds can be posted by providing 10 percent of what the actual bail amount that has been set by the judge. The bail bond service will provide the rest of funds needed to the court to ensure the individual will show up to the court dates. It can make a huge financial difference with a bail amount of $10,000 dollars and more, which is not an uncommon amount for some criminal charges.

Will I get my money back?

The 10 percent paid to the bail bond service is not refundable, even if all court requirements are met. It is considered the fee for the bail bond service to assume the risk of the total bail amount.

What happens if the person bailed from jail does not show up at court?

A warrant will be issued for anyone that is bailed from jail and does not report to all required court hearings. If you have placed the entire amount up from your own pocket, this can end up a tremendous loss in funds. The individual will return to jail and have to remain there until the case is resolved.

Using the services of a bail bond expert is the quickest and easiest way to get someone out of jail after an arrest. It limits the amount of money needed to get you or a loved one free until a court hearing can take place.


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