Hello world!

Hello World, this is Michael Jacob, yeah not Michael Steele, the politician, I’m just a 11 year-old kid that like to play games, I like to play FPS, MMORPG, tactics games, like Legend of Legends, Stone Heart, GTA serious, Watching Dog, and Need for Speed. I spend all my pocket money on games, but soon I found I can get more fun from various gaming gear more than mouse and keyboard, such as best gaming chair-your back will love it and you must not know the difference between a console gaming chair and a pc gaming chair, racing wheel- you will love it if you are kids that not allowed to drive, flight joystick- be a cool pilot, and so on, they are great for game fans but they charged me a leg and an arm, that’s why I build this site, I want to find the best and the most affordable gaming equipment, so this blog is mainly about gaming, but of course I will add some other content later- I’m just a kid so I may have other hobbies later, at that time I will add other categories.

I have a PC, a Xbox and an iPhone 5S, so my articles will involve to several system like Windows, IOS and Android, the Peripherals will also run on different platforms like computer, Xbox 360, PS3/4 and iPhone.

Why use a politician’s domain? Why not build your own brand domain? Google hates new domain but likes old domain, that’s the only reason I use it.

Are you always so tautology, yes and no, sometimes I can’t stop speaking, but I will stop if you can leave a comment here.

I will publish my first article the day next tomorrow, the topic will be gaming chair because I just bought X-rocker Pro, it’s a little big for me but I love it, very comfortable.

Good luck and best regards, I’m going to play Heart Stone now.

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