Getting Legal Help to Avoid Harsh Punishments When you take to the road, you never anticipate causing an accident or hurting someone on purpose. However, due to circumstances you cannot control, you may end up hitting someone by accident, causing severe injuries to this individual. Even if it was an accident, the police may still hold you liable for the damages. By hiring a law firm, paralegal, or hit and run lawyer fairfax drivers like you may be able to avoid the harshest penalties meted out by state and federal laws. Proving Your Innocence The facts of the accident may say that you hit the person with your car. However, you know that you could not help it because of circumstances over which you had no control. For example, if the weather was bad that day, you may have had a hard time controlling your vehicle. The roads might have been too wet or slippery, for example. Because they were not treated by city crews, you had no way to prevent the accident from occurring. The real blame lies with the city for not treating roads for inclement conditions. Your lawyer can examine all of the facts of the case and determine if you were really at fault or if the blame genuinely lies with someone else. Perhaps your car suffered a malfunction like locked brakes or faulty wiring that prevented you from stopping. In this instance, the blame could lie with the manufacturer instead of you. With your lawyer’s help, you may be able to avoid harsh penalties ranging from immense civil fines to jail time. Your attorney may also help the injured person’s lawyer file suit against the party that is genuinely to blame. You could avoid substantial civil litigation that could otherwise cost you thousands or millions of dollars. An accident many times is just that, an unfortunate event that you could not control. Rather than take the blame for circumstances outside of your control, you could uncover and place the blame on the faulty party by hiring a lawyer to investigate the accident and defend you in criminal and civil actions.


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