In 2017, Houston recorded a 12.6{25bc63f7cf10f9644104e25d70d09b74b01987c0193e250f6712c17d62652233} increase in sexual assault incidents. Each year, the Texas Universities in Houston report higher accounts of sexual assault crimes per 1,000 students, with 50{25bc63f7cf10f9644104e25d70d09b74b01987c0193e250f6712c17d62652233} of incidents occurring between August and November.

If you are a sexual assault victim, consulting an attorney is the best way to legally fight the injustice and claim excellent remunerations for your pain. The adept Houston sexual assault lawyers show deep-seated compassion for your sufferings. They offer the best legal expertise to help you be the winning side in the court of law. But before filing a sexual assault case in Houston, here’s what you should know about the legalities involved in such lawsuits.

Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Assault

In Houston, for personal injury purposes, you’d have to prove either assault, battery, or intentional infliction of emotional distress in your sexual assault case.

Houston adheres to the Texas laws, according to which a sexual assault can fall under these intentional torts. An experienced Houston lawyer will help you prove in the court that you are a victim of such misconduct, aiming for a fair settlement.

Impact of a Criminal Sexual Assault Case on a Civil Lawsuit

According to the University of Houston, one in 4 women and 12 men get sexually assaulted in their lifetime. While acquaintance rape constitutes 60{25bc63f7cf10f9644104e25d70d09b74b01987c0193e250f6712c17d62652233} of sexual assaults, the attackers typically plan the rape well in advance, becoming culpable in a criminal case.

While civil and criminal cases in Houston are separate, sometimes a related criminal matter could impact your civil lawsuit. A skilled Houston lawyer will help you win your compensation even if all charges on the defendant nullify.

Statute of Limitations

As per the Texas laws, you get five years to file a sexual assault lawsuit from the date of the incident and a maximum of two years to file a case against negligent third parties.

The diligent Houston attorneys adhere to the statute of limitations, pursuing your lawsuit on time to get you your deserving compensation for your losses.

Liability for Sexual Assault Injuries

There are non-profit organizations, like TAASA, committed to ending sexual assaults in Houston, yet there are miscreants even aiding such heinous crimes.

The Texas laws state that the potentially liable parties could include businesses such as clubs and bars, property owners in Houston, landlords and employers. The Houston sexual assault lawyers carefully assess the circumstances to find the liable parties other than your attacker and hold them accountable in the lawsuit.

Hiring a Sexual Assault Attorney

In Houston, you can seek damages to help compensate for your medical expenses, lost wages, disability, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment.

A reputed Houston attorney will investigate and help you collect evidence, consult medical experts to bolster your side. They carry out the negotiations with the other party and smartly present your case in the court to help you get the maximum coverage.

Sexual assaults in Houston, in addition to other violent crimes, have increased by 6{25bc63f7cf10f9644104e25d70d09b74b01987c0193e250f6712c17d62652233} in the first six months of this year. The sad part is only 40{25bc63f7cf10f9644104e25d70d09b74b01987c0193e250f6712c17d62652233} of Houston sexual assaults see charges filed. The best thing to do, if ever sexually assaulted, is to engage an experienced lawyer at the earliest. Rest assured, you will register a confirmed win, earning the remunerations for your physical injuries and emotional trauma associated with your sexual assault.


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