Drivers of commercial vehicles must possess a certain set of abilities in order to properly operate large trucks. In order to operate a commercial truck legally, drivers must obtain a specific license. An accident involving a commercial truck might be disastrous due to its size and weight.

When the trailer’s speed exceeds the tractor’s, an accident happens known as a “runaway trailer.” It’s possible that the trailer’s speed will cause the vehicle to lose control as a whole. There are times when a trailer might come loose from its tractor and leave behind a trail of damage. Accidents involving runaway trailers can result in significant property damage and even fatalities.

Legal action against the party responsible for the runaway trailer accident may be an option if you or a member of your family was wounded. Those who have been injured in truck accidents should speak with an attorney to learn about their legal options.

Why a Trailer Went Away in the First Place

A runaway trailer accident can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Speeding, steep descents, unexpected curves, brake failure, vehicle problems, and overloaded trailers are all major causes of this type of collision.


A commercial truck driver must take into account the weight of cargo, road conditions, and the sort of goods they’re transporting when operating their vehicle. These variables necessitate that truck drivers alter their speed accordingly. Runaway truck incidents may have been prevented if the vehicle moved at a slower pace, as evidenced by several examples.

Steady Falls

Large trucks often have difficulty with their brakes while attempting to slow down on a steep slope. It is only through thorough investigation by a skilled truck accident attorney that the cause of the accident may be determined.

Shocking Changes

When a commercial truck jackknifes, the trailer is not uncommon to break loose. A lawyer can conduct an investigation to determine if the accident was caused by a driver’s carelessness. If the accident was caused by the driver’s carelessness, they may be held accountable for the harm the collision has caused.

Defective Brakes and Automobile Problems

Brakes on the trailer can malfunction, causing the trailer to get separated from the tractor. When something goes wrong with the vehicle or its components, the trailer may break loose.

Overburdened Vehicles and Vehicle Trailers

In the event of a tire rupture or brake failure, a runaway trailer could ensue. Overloading trucks can lead to this outcome. Defendants in a case may be allowed to include the shipping firm and the state inspectors if they were aware that the truck was overloaded.

Speak with a Truck Accident Attorney Today!

When dealing with truck accident lawsuits, it is critical to have an attorney that specializes in commercial litigation on your side.

Truck accidents can be handled expertly by our attorneys and team, who have extensive experience and training in this area. Always look for truck injury lawyers to help you.


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