Say the Magic Words: Hydroponics Gardening

You must have heard your science teacher say something on what plants needed to grow. Water, light and oxygen must be what they told you or at least heard. Somehow soil never made it to these list. Plants as far as you knew always grew on soil and you asked for clarifications on why soil didn’t count. They might have pointed out what a good question it was and that they would provide an answer only for both of you to forget and just like that it was history. Coming back to know it would only be fair that you get your answer. Sharing with you what I’ve gathered on hydroponics gardening might just help answer the question.

This type of gardening is basically soil-less. All what you need are water , oxygen, light and nutrients. Mediums such as vermiculite, rock wool, sands and gravel can actually be used to sustain the growth process. If you have a porous container for the purposes of good drainage that will do nicely. Sodium bulbs can be of great use if you are planning to have your garden indoors. The kind of crops that you grow should agree with the form of hydroponic gardening that you decide to go for better efficiency.

Why hydroponics? That question may disturb your mind. if thirty to fifty percent growth rate of plants in hydroponics as compared to plants doesn’t faze you ,I don’t know what will. The root system is spared the hustle of searching for nutrients allowing for efficient growth. This makes the focus of growth to be lateral other than that of the root system. You can say goodbye to pest, bugs and diseases on this one because the conditions for such microorganisms to exist are not provided for. The yield you are likely to get is significantly higher and much more healthier since use of pesticides is reduced significantly. Going soilless means no erosion and no pressure where land is concerned which translates to a very happy gardener, you.

If you are looking to do some gardening as a hobby then hydroponics has got you covered. You plants will be eligible for growth at any time of the year and you can bask in the glory of eating biologically grown plants. It can also be a way of bonding with your family with everyone having a contribution in the farm. If you are a first timer you might find hydroponics growing more friendly as opposed to the traditional way where soils is involved. If the plants get what they want then you get your bidding in form of juicy , full figured and disease free plants.


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