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The Evolution of App Development

The appetite for smartphone apps came about after Apple had launched the iPhone. The apps that had been in existence before were not comparable to what we now see. No the proper app store had been instituted. The iPhone saw to it that there was an app store in place.
Apple introduced a phone that relied on the app store. They were the first to see the profit in allowing their customers to make some apps, and showed them how, so that more people used these apps, the demand for their products increased. More and more people would be holding an Apple device. Before this, there had been no way of getting more apps on your phone. It was an additional burden on the manufacturer. Apple then introduced a revolutionary way of going about solving this problem.
We now see more smartphones. The simplest feature phone now has everything that qualifies it as a smartphone. The hardware requirements of most phones are similar, thereby making it easier for app developers to make their apps compatible with most phones, regardless of manufacturer or operating system. This presents an opportunity for app developers to profit from their apps.
Most of the dominant brands in the market have an app. These apps have special purposes for the brand owners. Small Businesses are seeing the sense of such apps. To attract more customers, they offer discounts on purchases made from their apps, as well as loyalty programs.
Augmented reality is also gaining popularity. It is the blending of a virtual plane in the real world. it adds more detail to what a user can already see. This technology has always been very expensive to use. The idea of using the phone’s camera and screen to display this has made it quite affordable. An example is Pok?mon. While there are a lot of improvement areas, it has proven to be a potentially lucrative field to invest in.
There is still more opportunities in the manufacture of apps to make apps. There are a few currently running. They can even test such apps before being released to the public. Such apps have a bearing on the behavior of future app developers. This work can also be done on certain websites.
High end phones can run any app easily. There even exist a few that can outperform laptops. Those, however, are not accessible to the majority. You can still use cloud-based computing to beat tough challenges. Since data is constantly reducing in cost, more service providers are enabling owners of mid-range ones to access the high computing power of cloud servers. Whenever a complex process needs to be performed, these can quickly run through them, then send the results back to the phone. The cloud services apps shall increase in demand as a result of this.
By December this year, there shall be a $77 Billion made from apps alone. With such revenues expected, app developers are poised to reap a lot. More Businesses will need these apps in their operations.

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