It is human nature to plan, but some concepts can’t fit in our standard plans. Do you plan on getting into an accident that could turn your life inside out just when you hit a breakthrough? We always plan for the good things and avoid such calamitous considerations, but they, at times, hit and without warning. You have been involved in a personal injury, what’s next? The immediate step is seeking medical attention. After that, you need to protect your rights and file a claim to receive rightful compensation. As you don’t have the much-needed legal and insurance knowledge, it is only natural that you are considering a personal injury lawyer’s services.

With an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, you realize numerous benefits, including thorough representation, practical negotiation skills, better compensation, saving your time, and allowing you to concentrate on your recovery, to mention a few. Such benefits, however, can only be realized if you enlist a reliable and reputable Detroit persona injury lawyer. This begs the question; what should I consider when selecting a personal injury lawyer? Below are a few factors to include in your approach to ensure you chose the best match for your situation.

The experience

While considering the lawyer’s experience, you are not only checking how long they have been in practice. You need to ensure that they have enough experience in your specific line of personal injury. For instance, while a particular lawyer excels in slip and fall cases, they might not be the right fit for a medical malpractice personal injury case. Each personal injury case is unique, requiring a skill set to ensure that your interests are thoroughly represented.


When is the lawyer available? Do they have too much work to take your case immediately? The last thing you want is a personal injury lawyer who can’t prioritize your case. Imagine turning to a lawyer, only for your claim to be thrown out as it wasn’t filed in time. Well, navigating the statute of limitations, among other legal concerns, is among the primary benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer. Still, if they aren’t available, it might do more harm than good. Even if you are sourcing your lawyer form a big law firm, see to it that they have enough human resources to ensure that your case will be prioritized.

Lawyer’s reputation

What’s the lawyer’s stand according to your state’s bar association records? Do they have numerous disciplinary issues? How about their clients, are they satisfied, or did they promise the moon and delivered stones? Establishing a lawyer’s reputation is essential, as it helps you to get an idea of what you can expect from their services. Stay away from lawyers with significant red flags, and those that are not upfront when you enquire about their stand to clarify some concerns you might have discovered.

The charges

Most personal injury cases are charged on a contingency basis. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check out the percentage your lawyer will take, as well as other charges involved.  You don’t want a lawyer who will take a huge chunk of your competition just because you didn’t thoroughly understand the terms before signing the agreement.

Choosing the best lawyer for your needs makes the process easier, as you can conveniently communicate and build a strong case. Don’t forget to consult your gut feeling as well, ensuring that you settle for a lawyer you like.